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The 2ZY Blog is where you'll find our posts on anything that interests us.

Max has now been on air for three months. Here's some more background on 2ZY's own experimental radio station 'where the 80s live'.

We love the 80s. We love radio. We love Manchester. So we're making an 80s radio station for Manchester. But you'll be able to hear it everywhere.

Staggering breaches of radio regulation. Trust us, it's more interesting than it sounds.

It's the first rule of radio. REALLY.

A look back on a busy year for 2ZY in 2014 and a look ahead to 2015.

Radiotopia is re-inventing radio. But it needs your help.

Stephanie Hirst's courageous interview will make life easier for other trans broadcasters in the future.

Here's how we get Clueless on air from locations across Wales - all in ISDN quality - for kit worth well under a grand.

In September, Scotland goes to vote on whether or not to become independent, and 16/17 year olds can vote for the first time. Read the story of how 2ZY's John Ryan made Savvy Productions Radio 1 Story documentary about the issue with presenter Shona Summers.

Sticking a thematically-appropriate tune under some content always makes it more appealing, right? Wrong.

Stop. Wishing. My. Life. AWAY!

So right now I should be making a documentary. Not blogging about the fact I’m making a documentary. But I’m discovering that actually making a documentary is like sex, or ironing perhaps. You really need to be in the mood to do it well.

Tony Hall has made his first public proclamation about BBC Local Radio. And it's a biggy. He wants half of all breakfast shows on the corporation's 40 or so English services to be hosted by a woman, either solo or as part of a team. 2ZY asks four questions about how Managing Editors will be expected to do this by the 2014 deadline.

Lots of songs reference radio, probably because artists think we'll play them. Here is a collection of the most gratuitous wireless loving tunes. And one not-at-all affectionate take on TV.

2ZY's John Ryan blogs from Algeria, where he's working with managers of the country's local radio network, on behalf of BBC Media Action.

Our previous blog, 25 Heinous Crimes of Radio News, has a sequel. There's a lot of bad news out there.

The Sound Women networking event at Media City UK in Salford inspired us to suggest some routes forward for the sexism-bunking radio campaign. Click below to read them.

The dismantling of Radio 1's repertory company around Chris Moyles made us think about zoos, ring-masters and radio duos.

Zombie drama, hilarious tales at 35,000 feet, remarkable insight into the built environment around us and a 30 Rock star are some of my recommendations for podcasts for you to follow.

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Invisible headphones, omnipresent receptionists and the lack of relations between fader control and sound levels all feature in our not-so-serious blog about actors 'doing radio'.

Gaydio's brilliant documentary about the history of LGBT Manchester (full disclosure: 2ZY edited and mixed it ...) got us thinking about the ratio of community and radio in community radio.

Last week, we talked programmes. This week it's bulletins. Click below for the no-nos of news.

Welcome to the not-at-all portentous '5 Immutable Laws of Radio Presentation'. We had dozens of contributions from friends across the radio industry. Click on the link below to see if you agree with us!