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Where the 80s live.

We made an 80s radio station that sounds like it was there back then. Max loves the 80s so it never slags them off. No lines about bad hair or the fashion of the era! And we never brag. So no ‘bigger variety’ or best this or greatest that. It’s more intimate, less shouty.

Max plays almost all the 80s including early 80s disco, late 80s dance as the 90s tone starts edging in. You won’t hear Anita Dobson or The Tweets anytime soon, but it’s a very eclectic mix. Listen for long enough and you're as likely to hear The The, Giant Steps or Gangway as you are Whitney, Madonna and Duran Duran.

So who's on Max?

Lou in studio

You'll hear the news every hour, except between 2300-0200.
And you'll hear the voice of Max, the actor Louise Jameson who drops in to remind you of the 80s and helps give Max its personality.
You'll hear the Max Classic Album, our quiz Maxematics, and occasionally a selection picked by one of our Max fans called The Max Mix.
Every night from 11-3, the Quiet Storm rumbles in with a chilled mix of the 80s.
And on Saturday evenings from 6-11 we get a bit 80s dancey!

How to Listen

Max broadcasts to central Manchester on DAB Digital Radio. Just look for MAX 80s on your radio.

If you've got an Alexa device simply say 'Alexa, Play Max from Manchester on Tune In'.

You can also find us on Tune In.