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The original 2ZY

We borrowed our name from the very first radio station in Manchester.

The earliest radio in the UK began in 1922, with station 2LO in London – and one day later, 2ZY from Manchester.

Members of the original 2ZY in the 1920sDan Godfrey led a team of radio pioneers from studios at the Metropolitan Vickers plant in Trafford Park. From a cramped hut, beneath the transmitter, his creativity and passion for the new medium was unbounded. To help fill the long broadcast hours, Godfrey even hired his own station orchestra – which was the very early foundation of today’s BBC Philharmonic.

We liked the name because (a) we salute and echo the spirit of those pioneers, (b) we’re still making innovative radio out of Manchester and (c) we think it sounds kinda cool.

Photo of 2ZY's certificate of registration