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Hello. We are 2ZY.

We help people sound better on the air. We consult for radio stations. And we produce radio programming.

2ZY offers bespoke media training, whether you're being interviewed on air for the first time, or need specific training to respond to a news event. From nervous rookie to experienced network presenters, we can coach your on-air performance to make you sound better, build confidence and really connect with your audience.

2ZY works on-station too. We provide craft and management training and coaching for any radio genre with experience of individuals, groups and programme teams, working at any level from beginners to senior management.

We make shows too. We're equally at home with live formats, built documentaries, podcast production, and sequence music shows.

We believe in making better radio, and making radio better.

2ZY Blog

A 2ZY 2014

29/12/2014 20:32

So the Christmas edition of Clueless brings to an end a busy 2014 for 2ZY. The BBC Radio Wales game show was one of our biggest commissions of the year, with five two-hour shows on summer Saturday aft...

Care about the Future of Radio? Donate a dollar.

06/11/2014 14:13

Here in the UK, we already pay for radio. That 40p a day buys you all of BBC network and local stations (with the added bonus of a bit of telly and a few websites too.) When you buy stuff, you’r...

Goodbye Simon, Hello Stephanie

12/10/2014 15:05

Hirsty’s long been one of my favourite broadcasters. And over the last few years or so, I’m pleased to say Hirsty’s been a friend too. From high octane (and very anorakky) Radio Acad...

Listened In

Morning Money on Share Radio

08/04/2015 08:18

Sharing ideas about money. But will it make any? We try and understand London’s new all-talk financial radio station. Listened In is 2ZY’s regular air-check blog, where we listen to a rand...

Nick Wright on Rock FM 2

18/02/2015 08:51

So, as Bauer’s City Two Greatest Hits network loses its breakfast host after weeks on air. Before the new guy starts, we listen into Nick Wright covering. How is localness being delivered to 45-64s ...

SIgnal Christmas

10/12/2014 07:39

Oh great. There’s more Christmas Radio than ever this year. Smooth Christmas is back from its snowy grave, there’s Christmas Carols Radio – and Free Radio 80s has been bumped for the...