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Hello. We are 2ZY.

We help people sound better on the air. We consult for radio stations. And we produce radio programming.

2ZY offers bespoke media training, whether you're being interviewed on air for the first time, or need specific training to respond to a news event. From nervous rookie to experienced network presenters, we can coach your on-air performance to make you sound better, build confidence and really connect with your audience.

2ZY works on-station too. We provide craft and management training and coaching for any radio genre with experience of individuals, groups and programme teams, working at any level from beginners to senior management.

We make shows too. We're equally at home with live formats, built documentaries, podcast production, and sequence music shows. And we're building our own radio station too, as a test-bed for new ideas and technology. And because we love the 80s. Max goes live this September.

We believe in making better radio, and making radio better.

2ZY Blog

Max is coming.

21/07/2015 22:19

At 2ZY we usually make radio for other people. But now we’re starting our own radio station on the side. Max is an eighties-format, launching on the Niocast Digital pilot local multiplex for Ma...

When the Dog ate Community Radio’s Homework

01/07/2015 00:13

If you like jaw-dropping displays of regulatory ignorance by radio stations, and haven’t read the latest Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin, then you really should do yourself a favour. This edition, number 2...

You. Radio’s singular weapon.

01/06/2015 20:33

You. It’s not hard to remember, is it? I’ve just heard a national network in one link refer to ‘some people’ who may have been to such-and-such a concert, and in the next link,...

Listened In

Signal Summer

16/06/2015 20:04

Was it only 5 Listened Ins ago we were checking out Signal’s Christmas station? It sure was. And now the DAB equivalent of the aisle in ASDA that struggles to define the word ‘seasonal...

Aimee Vivian on MKFM

26/05/2015 18:54

MKFM, the much-supported Milton Keynes not-for-profit DAB station has just won a community FM licence with a thorough application promising “high presentation and production standards”. W...

Morning Money on Share Radio

08/04/2015 07:18

Sharing ideas about money. But will it make any? We try and understand London’s new all-talk financial radio station. Listened In is 2ZY’s regular air-check blog, where we listen to a rand...