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Hello. We are 2ZY.

We help people sound better on the air. We consult for radio stations. And we produce radio programming.

2ZY offers bespoke media training, whether you're being interviewed on air for the first time, or need specific training to respond to a news event. From nervous rookie to experienced network presenters, we can coach your on-air performance to make you sound better, build confidence and really connect with your audience.

2ZY works on-station too. We provide bespoke training for any radio genre - with experience of one to one and show-team coaching, working at any level from beginners to senior management.

We make shows too. We're equally at home with live formats, built documentaries, podcast production, and sequence music shows.

We believe in making better radio, and making radio better.

2ZY Blog

Making ‘My First Vote’

03/04/2014 23:10

So against the odds, I’ve found myself making a political documentary. Albeit one that features Kermit the Frog, Wee Jimmy Krankie (for about two seconds) and some awesome new Scottish music. &#...

5 Illegal Uses of Illustrative Music

20/02/2014 00:02

So yesterday I couldn’t believe my ears when the usually-reliable PM on BBC Radio 4 punctuated a menu line about food – with this gem. So, what are the ‘rules’ on illustrative ...

It’s only Wednesday, everyone.

08/01/2014 23:32

Why does every radio station obsess about the proximity of the weekend? “Not long until the weekend,” I heard today. The other Thursday evening, a presenter told me this was the “off...

Listened In

Darren & Katy at Breakfast on Mix 96

16/04/2014 09:15

“Wall-to-wall Eternal and M-peg2 Mpeggy sounding audio – and things crashing all the time,” is how launch presenter/programmer Keri Jones described the birth of Mix 96 to me. How’s it doin...

Ollie and Simon in the Morning on the New 96.2 Touch FM

02/04/2014 09:40

Another week, another station that sounds like someone knows someone who heard Jack once, told them about it in the pub, and tried to recreate it without getting invoiced by Sparknet. Listened In is 2...

Bob FM Hertfordshire

18/03/2014 23:54

Two Jacks had a row. One changed his name to Bob. Here’s what happened when we listened in. WHAT   Bob FM Hertfordshire WHEN   Monday 17 March, 2043 Listened In is 2ZY’s regular air-check bl...