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Hello. We are 2ZY.

We produce radio programming and podcasts. We consult for radio stations. And we help people sound better on the air.

Heavens in Studio2ZY provides craft and management training and coaching for any radio genre - with experience of individuals, groups and programme teams, working at any level from beginners to senior management. We've worked with young offenders in prisons, and CEOs in big businesses.

Producing 5 live showAs producers, we're equally at home with live formats, built documentaries, podcast production, and sequence music shows.

If you're new to being interviewed on radio and TV, 2ZY offers bespoke media training. We can help you prepare for being interviewed on air for the first time, or if you need specific training to respond to a news event. From nervous rookie to experienced network presenters, we can coach your on-air performance to make you sound better, build confidence and really connect with your audience.

We believe in making better radio, and making radio better.